How it’s made

Our lamps are made by hand in our own workshop.
Forming techniques like metal spinning, bending, cutting and welding are all done in house, and finished in our own spray booth.  

Working the metal

At Livec we believe in the art of craftsmanship and keeping age old skills of metal processing alive. We produce each light individually by hand. Allowing us to fully control our production process from design to spinning, finishing and wiring at our workshop in Deventer.

Handcrafted lights

No mass production, every light is unique. As we hand shape the lights every light has there own pattern of lines. We call it the makers fingerprint. Custom orders is were we excel as we can shift very fast between colors and different techniques.   

European Guidelines

All Livec lamps meets current EU safety requirements. These requirements are laid down in EN IEC 60598 and forms the basis of CE declaration. Therefore we design the electrical construction to meet these strict standards.
We only use CE approved parts where applicable.

In customization it is more difficult to make a CE statement, since there is only a small number or a unique product. Because we work according to EN IEC 60598 standards, our customized lighting meets the strict requirements


In our workshop we want to take care of our environmental impact. Our lamps are crafted with recyclable materials.
For example we use high grade aluminium that can be endlessly recyclable. All components of our lamps can be separated and the waste can be used again.

We use as little energy as possible.