Combining Design & Light

With a passion for design we produce special lighting that creates atmosphere in every room. Our lamps are characterized by the beautiful shapes based on a long history of Dutch Designers where the honesty of the material and love for craft can be seen.

Handcrafted lights

At Livec we produce lighting.  Raw material enters the door and compleet lighting exit. We hand shape metals by metal spinning, folding, bending, welding and finish in our paint booth. All is wired according rules and regulations. From serie production to unique bespoke designs. 

For Interior Designers

We are able to deliver our lights tailored to your projects. We can adapt light fittings and wire them to your needs. Grouped or paired our lights are a popular feature in creative office spaces and restaurants. Individually spaced through kitchens, living rooms and halls.

Are you a Designer, artist or project manager, and would like to know more about using Livec lights in your interior project? Feel free to contact us.


At Livec we know how to create a ambiance for a happy living or work ambiance. Enjoy the luxury of a special designed lamp or chandelier in your home, office, hotel etc. Enjoy both the design as well as the atmosphere of the light. At Livec we design lamps and chandeliers for small and very spacious rooms to get the Oompf factor.